Hailing from the island of Taiwan, Sorry Youth is, at first glance, a band with a youthful and neighbourly vibe. When on stage, the band and their three members are radiant, passionate, and energetic, with their combination of rock and traditional Chinese percussion. You’ll notice their blend of Mandarin and Taiwanese lyrics, which awaken one’s cultural roots and memories of their homeland, passed down through the generations. Even if you don’t understand the language, you’ll feel the rush of power and emotions, from pleasure to pain, happiness to sorrow, and laughter to anger. With lead singer and bassist Giang Giang, guitarist Weni, and drummer Afredred, they’ll use their heartwarming Taiwanese rock music to inspire our hopes and sorrows about our dreams and balance our distress and determination between dreams and reality. Alongside their two collaborative visual art partners, creative designer, Xiao Zi Liao a.k.a. Milkfish Man, and lighting and animation artist, “Super Tai” Wen Cheng Lee, these five Taiwanese youths want Canadians to be prepared for a taste of a lively and local Taiwan, and like a small fish in a vast ocean, to face the big wave with courage!



4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


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