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Behind the eyes of these female writers, they are reflecting on their own life stories, one by one, word by word. These stories are not necessarily historical chronicles, political commentaries, or biographies of the famous. Instead, they depict people, people like you and me. They understand the emotions, motivations, hopes that everyday people hold.

If women wrote about the world and its history, or if women interpreted current events, would we see the differences in perspective? What changes would arise in life? This year, Taiwanese bookstores are bringing Taiwanese books to Chinese language Canadian readers, introducing the world to contemporary Chinese language authors. Perhaps, if we looked at the world through the perspective of women, we can better understand humanity.

We will light your imagination on fire, changing the way you think of Taiwan through literature! Each year at TAIWANfest, we offer the Taiwan Bookstore, where we introduce Chinese language authors and books from Taiwan to international audiences. We look forward to presenting a glimpse of the diverse bookstore and publishing culture of Taiwan! Through books, you’ll see how Taiwan provides a space to speak, write, and publish freely to countless Chinese language authors and readers. Only through reading, writing, and starting conversations, can we discover how to break through our limits and go beyond the norms. Here, we can speak without any restraint. Here, we can reflect on the past and imagine the future. Here, we can proudly say: “nothing is impossible”!

Special Recommendation:

The Taiwan Bookstore and the Vancouver Writers Festival jointly recommend the novel “The Stolen Bicycle” by Taiwanese author Ming-yi Wu. As this year’s TAIWANfest theme is a dialogue with Vietnam, the collection of poetry, “Sweet Burden”, by poet Sheng Wu can be found in both Chinese and Vietnamese languages.


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